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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
Information Supplied
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There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile.

He found a crooked sixpence Against a crooked stile.

He bought a crooked cat
Which caught a crooked mouse.

And they all lived together in a crooked little house.

 Mark Nolan.
 This is also a letter to the editor. Dean Gould who said something about "digging deep" last week.
 I have spoken with Dean Gould as I have spoken with others who  have an entitlement to the free distrubution of esentially public  information, people are coming to me because what they are writing and  saying to council is ignored.
 Edward James

POB 3025

UMINA 2257

0418486260 10/2/2003

 ----- Original Message -----
 From: "Edward JAMES" <
 To: "Robert John Carr" <; "Chris Gallagher"
 <; "Marie Therese Andrews"
 <; "Andrew Humpherson"
 Cc: "Lee Rhiannon" <; "Zak Lalic"
 Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 1:35 PM
 Subject: Re: Your E Mail of 30 July 2002.

Dear Mr Gallagher.
I was reviewing correspondence and found this Yes". I am   concerned that most councillors are not up to speed on their   responsibilities. Surcharges and such.
 In particular Section 382 of the Local Government Act 93. I am   concerned that  written advice from council shows a conflict with this   section of the Act.
 Mr Everingham has given me to understand that no complying use of   the footway in the Gosford Local Government Area exist as far as the   application of the Footway Leasing and Outdoor Eating Policy City of   Gosford. (FOCG).
 My memory of his letter. He can advise that  Eight (8) Leases  have   been formalised to date 29 July 2002 with several currently being  processed,  and his advice that formalised" did not mean complying.
Gives me to understand that businesses are encouraged to use the   public place for retailing of food without proper consideration of the FOCG   and other controls that were already and still are, in place before April   1998.
You are advised that questions I asked of Rod Gillan in his capacity   as Ranger Supervisor, and redirected also to Wayne Browning at Mr  Gillian's   request. Remain to be answered by those people.  Those questions concern my written advice from Gosford Council, that Rangers are aware of the FOCG   policy requirements and report any irregularities  for action.
I ask you also. Have these employess been instructed to ignore   their job responsibilities?  Was that put in written directives to the staff   by those responsible, like yourself?
The apparent  four year "feather bedding" that surrounds that   policy, and also the fact that other separate complaints directed to the   Manager Peter Wilson concerning  breaches of Sections 626-627 of the Local   Government Act  Nuisance use and Non complying use, have been ignored for   some three months . I understand that is in conflict with Councils code of   conduct. Response to complaints.
Alan Ford wants me to understand that council has a policy in   place to protect the ratepayers in the event of an accident on the footway;   I assume that would be public risk insurance. My opinion is that if council   has actively encouraged business to use the public place for retailing of   food.
Then that commercial use of the footway would need to be  covered   as the FOCG policy insist it should 6.4 through 6.6 Pages 8-9 before that   activity is legal.
The questions asked of councillors are legitimate they relate  to   conflict and pecuniary interest and I can assure you as I have already   relayed to the manager Mr Wilson the councillors whom I've spoken to don't   need a censor to co-ordinate their responses to rate paying constituents  with   regards the duties they were elected to perform, upholding the law FIRST..
I think the lines of communication between a constituent and elected   representative are sacrosanct,  any elected official who would allow any  interference with that communication should consider their position.
Mr Wilson's suggestion that I direct inquires through you to insure a  co-ordinated responce, If we are to assume someone wants to plead guilty  would that mean you would have input? Not likley.
I understand that your job covers both the public and private   business of Gosford Council on that basis Council officer and employees may   need censorship.
The peoples reps and their public business is none of yours.
Unless they need the protection you offer, and I hope they do not.
How have Councils investigations into the criminal activity gone. Minister Costa was explaining that Civil matters are not his concern.
I had to explain that falsified instrument were something that carried criminal sanctions.
Do you happen to have access to a copy of the letter Mr Wilson sent John Brogden where he said council complied with section 79C of the   EPAA79 I think it was? At any rate when the Manager informed John Brogden   council complied with requirements surrounding D/A 11923/2001 he was   misleading a member of the Parliament.  As you know the Mayor  ( Bell) has   written that council may have overlooked the requirements ( that's the law   he's referring to) Regulation 2000 section 283 is a prime one.
I am able to allege Gosford Council indulges in a two tier system   of development application processing  as you know. And that conflicts with   the objects of the enviornmental planning and assessment Act 79.
I may write to you again depending on your responce, I will   certainly have some new signs for your photgraph collection soon. Out   lining the crossparty accomadation of corruption in local councils by the 53 Parliament NSW.
Edward James


 POB 3024

UMINA 2257

                 ----- Original Message -----
  From: "Chris Gallagher" <
  To: <
  Cc: "SMG" <
  Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 2:51 PM
  Subject: Your E Mail of 30 July 2002.
   The answer to your question is   YES.
   Chris Gallagher

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