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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
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Power Consumers Public Liability

Unions Say no to Private Power


I am concerned that the introduction of the New South Wales Service and installation Rules March 1999. has created a situation where the insurer of last resort ( the State Government ) has put in place Regulation of the Electricity Supply Act 1995. Which allows responsibility through ownership to be shifted to the private property owner by the supplier asking the customer to supply and install the power line out to the "Point of Supply" always outside the boundary of the property sometimes hundreds of meters away.
The diagrams on pages 11 and 12  show the various ways that energy is supplied to the customer. And the entry on page 16 mentions "Considerations of potential liability,then entry on Page 18 says the Energy supplier may ask the customer to do any of the following : Supply and install an underground or overhead service.
The Minister for energy Kim Yeadon has refused since August 2001 to answer inquires directly relating to this Question.
Are property owners responsible by ownership, for insurance of that part of the electricity supply infrastructure formerly covered by the State Government on the peoples behalf?
When any person working in the public street is injured on a privately owned Lethal Entity, Who is responsible for financial compensation when the question arises? People have complained about owning supply line in a public place, and they have been told like or lump it. That's the way it is.
    I have taken this action because letters I have from the Premier Carr, Brian Steffen Director General Energy and Utilities and others leeds me to understand that this is intended to be buried till after the State elections.
    My concern is that the Attorney General and Cabinet Ministers have knowingly allowed insurance to lapse where all sorts of workers are employed in the public place and it continues to be covered-up. Almost two years now!
Is that OK that workers are knowingly allowed to work in an environment where insurance has not been addressed properly by the State Government, with negligence being the first thing that comes to my mind and criminal is also a possibility based on the corrospondence I have from State representatives over the last eighteen months.
Edward James
P.O.Box 3024
Umina 2257

Please return regularly as good government results from the input of a united people