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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
Keeping the Bastards Honest
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Media release from Edward James THE FACTORY POB 3024 Umina 0418486260.       12/4/2003


Media release
from Edward James
POB 3024 Umina
To Premier Bob Carr and the Leader of the Opposition John Brogden, both guilty of empty rhetoric in writing to me, on issues that rightly concern your constituents with regard the Good Government of the people Mentioned in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.
My Name is Edward James; I continue to allege that Cabinet Ministers Andrew Refshauge and Harry Woods were complicit in the documented criminal activity of Gosford Council. There has been no honest help from these past and present Ministers hiding behind their Ministerial Prerogatives, and Policy Advisers.
The outlandish abuse of power to silence my dissent is more to do with the cross party cover-up of criminal complicity by political party members. Than the incompetence by those police who are forced to push politics, under the guise of law enforcement by those political overlords themselves too gutless to be named in the public forum.
Actions defined brilliantly with the current attempt at burial of wrongful deaths being carried out by ex train driver Costa, Addressed by me as Qball. He has already showed himself well able to ignore criminal allegations made in writing against his party members and also those opposed to his party sitting in the opposition benches in Parliament, in the interest of maintaining the bent status Quo.
He was the Police Minister then! In that position as police Minister he showed his aversion to seeing his name on corruption signs outside that house of ill repute where he works known as State Parliament House! 
False instruments signed by Grant Killen an employee of the Corrupt Council. Given currency by those ten elected Councilors who are responsible according to the Local Government Act 93 for the governance of the peoples Council.
Still stand as testimony to the entrenched corruption that extends to Federal Government which has acknowledged its awareness of those criminal Acts, by wrongly denying in writing their obligations under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, a responsibility affirmed in the Federal Liberal Party Creed on the Party Web Site for all to see. The Liberal Party upholds the Constitution.
The existence of these two False Instruments along with a Development Application 11923/2001, clearly breaching regulation 2000 Section 283 of the EPAA 79.  Paid for By Ian Radford Chemist of Umina and Produced by David Kettle And Ian Burl. 
Have been used as a device to commit fraud and interfere with my fathers rights to the protection of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and those Laws in place to serve all the people equally.
The 860 people I represent are not served when our elected representatives and Members of the Cabinet ignore their involvement in documented criminal activity in the interest of Political Party Agenda.  Liberal and Labor have no mandate to accommodate criminal activity by card carrying members and particularly by those wealthy in the community!
I addressed you Premier Carr and the Assembled Members of State Parliament, in the public forum on the third of March 2002.  The three issues are: 1 Carr Government actively shedding insurance liability for Electricity Supply infrastructure, onto property owners across New South Wales as Part of privatizing the Energy Supply.  2.  Stand over tactics by Gosford Council against an 86 year old War Veteran.  3. A two tiered system of Development Application processing accommodated by a lack of due diligence on the part of the Councilors some of whom have a vested interest in ignoring the mounting evidence of the on going Corruption in Gosford City Council. That is beginning to look like it may involve Auditors Price Waterhouse Cooper, and Underwriters Jardine Thompson Lloyd, in something that could extend across the state of New South Wales.
Silence/ Secrecy, part of the swearing in before Governor Marie Bashir of the Super Cabinet will not cover the deathly stench of accommodated corruption that taints all the Political Parties, connected with the activity of the Corrupt Gosford Council one of many government instruments, and the apathetic representation the voters received from the last Parliament and second term of Labor in NSW.  Calumniating with my now calling for the acknowledgment of those wrongful deaths of citizens in NSW, That can without doubt be laid squarely at the feet of those our elected representatives both in power and lazy and ineffectual oppositions in New South Wales.
Ignore me and you ignore everyone who will understand that we the people are not served by those among you, who for political expediency will turn a blind eye illegality!
Edward James
POB 3024
UMINA 2257          


Edward James
POB 3024
UMINA 2257