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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
Bulldust! Bob & Morris
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It is sad that Premier Morris Iemma has taken up where Bob the builder and Andrew Refshauge and their cronies abandoned NSW taxpayers and James Hardie victims.

The New South Wales Ministerial Code of Conduct is simply another part of the codified law used as a door matt by cowards, perceived by the proletariat and the moneyed classes as vermin scurrying from the ship of state to hide in the dark shadows of judicial robes, while endowed with succour from those enjoying the largesse of the taxpayers purse. Mr Carr once you told me the actions of the Ministerial staff are the actions of the Minister. I have no doubt you are absolutely correct. But while your fellow elected representatives continue to embarrass students of the Westminster system. Taxpayers suffering and dying may well live long enough to expect a greater benefit from an educated politicians in depth knowledge of the Greek classics, than any expectations a minister would honour the personal obligations pursuant to the NSW Ministerial Code of Conduct. Law that should have automatically resulted in the NSW parliament creating spoiler legislation immediately Mr Stephen Loosley as a paid lobbyist of James Hardie started sniffing around Mr Graham Wedderburn in the Premiers Office. Retrospective legislation is an imperfect last resort to correct errors, what a surprise, when I understand at least twenty percent of the elected representatives on both sides of government in the NSW State Parliament come from a legal background. Are we governed by cowards or fools? Edward James 0418486260

People fought and many died for your rights speak up and protect them.