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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
Open Letter To Councillor Wales
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This communication is a Public Statement


Councillor Wales, This communication is a Public Statement.
As a constituent of yours, the written Email threat you made as a Councillor on Gosford Council,  to put my legitimate approaches to you in the hands of your solicitor, was startling to say the least.  There are matters of privacy that arise when communications are sent to Councillors.  
Other Councillors and Directors of  the Corrupt Gosford Council received the same Email questions, Councillor Holstein was one Councillor whom I thought would have certainly responded,  a few did.
Was it wrong to assume that as Main Street Coordinator for Gosford Council you would be aware of matters relating to Main Street, particularly the number of business, some you attend, not complying with the required Ten Million Dollars insurance? Considering I have made several approaches to Gosford council over the year concerning the breaches of Sections 626 and 627 of the Local Government Act 93.
This relates to concerns that Signs and other illegal use of public property was taking place right  across the Gosford Local Government Area. The Ten Gosford Councillors, John Brogden Liberal Coalition and Carr's Labor Party have all used ploys to side step my allegations of corruption. The hand written notes Faxed from the office of Attorney General Bob Debus will read well with the Falsified Instruments signed and stamped by Gosford Council used to mislead Minister Refshauge. 
Councillor Wales you are just one of a collective of ten Responsible Councillors  who it seems to me think this search for honest political representation is against the rights of people.
To quote your reported statements from Mr Mark Nolan's by line in the Telegraph  "He( Mr James) has no right and he has no grounds. I have never done an improper thing in my life."
You will eventually understand my remarks about the Documented Criminal activity accommodated by Gosford Council, needs the politics of corrupt activity to be addressed! I told you all on that Tuesday in February 2002 when you were laughing at my father that there will be a political consequence for your inactions. 
Do you think the right to freedom of speech is only entitled to politicians. And for us its gone along with other freedoms that interfere with political connivance, particularly with your Parties stance of Law and Order?
When as a Councillor you with those other third rate politicians who sit with you and Management on Tuesdays in Council ignore the concerns of one ratepayer you ignore the concerns of all the ratepayers,  who you may soon realise have the unfettered right to vote as they see fit.
When your council approved asking the Manager Peter Wilson to pursue of all issues of defamation what were you councillors thinking?  Deciding improperly to use ratepayers resources pursuing a course not open to Council? 
Why when I advised Council in writing  that they were in error did I have to resort to approaching Gary Payne and Paul Chapman at the Department of Local Government and then the Pecuniary Interest Tribunal.
Your well published threats attempting to silence my political allegations of corruption extending from Gosford Council  to the Carr Government Ministry,  to me have the same substance as a political promise to represent the constituents! 
Arunie Wujatungie from ICAC advised that I needed evidence that fiduciary gain was involved in the criminal falsification of instruments to allow that criminal activity had become corrupt activity! I am delighted to inform that I can show fiduciary gain for the criminal Act.
Edward James
P.O.Box 3024
UMINA 2257        
Telephone: 0418486260

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