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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
What the people know.
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What the people know.

As Published in the Telegraph Extra September 5 2003

There is vested interest all over the published information laid out before us in our print media these last few days.
All of a sudden the current Mayor is the reason for all the communities trouble, give us a break.
Chris Holstein held the Mayoral regalia while Gosford Council assessment team four accepted Ian Radford's Wardend Developments submission. A development application 11923 / 2001 that had so many inaccuracies it made my eyes water just reading it. And the Councillors severally and collectively ignored the petitions and protest of foul play from constituents.
The following Mayor, Mr Bell advised that council may have over looked the requirements in a letter to me that makes no attempt to address councillors culpability in matters that are long overdue to be in the public domain.
All the political activity surrounding this $105 m fiasco is symptomatic of an institution that from the Councillors to the Management, are unfit to govern, and remember that the responsibility for that is Peter Wilson's receiving over $200.000.00 per anum as our General Manager and also John Murray who said its good that ratepayers are complaining as it shows there paying attention.  He has questions to answer about the Governance of Councils activities along with Chris Gallagher et all.
I too spoke with some of the proponents and  what we discussed is not meant to be flattering Gosford Council is corrupt and neither the developers or the ratepayers are served by what cant even come close to good government of the people, accommodated by the ten councillors hiding behind Management skirts.
Bureau Chief Mark Nolan has had a bit to say about things, but he has forgotten that the communities wishes are written in black and white surveyed less than four years ago and the councillors ignore those wishes at their political peril. The hight limit for Gosford CBD is seven floors. If someone wants to exceed that, (then first thing they need to do)  apply for a locale environment plan that allows the change.

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