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Clean Up Corrupt Government in New South Wales
Seeking Co-Operation in Corrupt Activity
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The Editor
Express Advocate,
Gosford councillors, State and Federal politicians,  have proven themselves willing to ignore the wishes of the voters. Their reasons for refusing to pursue the good government of the people,  will hopefully stem from their own thought processes.
I would expect all of them to site politics in justification of what they have accommodated, This Nations  people seem resigned to politics being used as an excuse by our representatives for conducting themselves in a less than honourable fashion!
 There is an election approaching,  which will be the second in this state since I started my odyssey three years ago, seeking my fathers constitutional rights to be protected.  I have become familiar with a phrase "lack of political will" what it means is open to interpretation depending on how it is applied. Like a swear word.
What it represents is an artful use of words skilfully used to take the harsh edge off lies and dishonesty, all too often involving opposite ends of the political spectrum, like worms wriggling on a hook trying to avoid their obligations, the reason why they were given our mandate.
 I look forward to meeting those new candidates men and women who are setting off on a political journey seeking support from the voters to become members of the acknowledged as corrupt Gosford City Council.
To my knowledge I have not had an approach from any potential candidate, that I remember wanting information about the documented corrupt activity Gosford Council has accommodated. It would be wrong for candidates to make assumptions without asking to see the evidence I hold. They are in my opinion seeking the support of the people to join a corrupt entity.
    Edward James POB 3024 UMINA 2257 0418486260

Responsibility for this political comment:
Edward James POB 3024 UMINA 2257 0418486260