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This site is dedicated to my Father , a war veteran , who has been maligned and mistreated , vilified and slandered by Local and State Politicans of all persuasions. The Premier of NSW Bob Carr has had a bit to say about his idolent prodigy Knowles being vindicated. He who is the "gifted" Minister responcible for the  deplorable  state of NSW hospitials, left to Morris Iema, And now with continueing succession he continues to ignore his responcibility for all the corruption spilling out of planning activity in councils across NSW. Including falsefied instruments used by Gosford City Council,  accomadated by his Ministery and that of the Minister for local Government Tony Kelly, not some junior Minister scape goat and the odd chief of staff here and there, their involvement dose not for one minute excuse a Minister of his responcibility what his staff do on his behalf. As Bob Carr told me the actions of the Ministers staff are the actions of the Minister.
Will we see many resignations?
New South Wales has a Ministers code of conduct, which is pursuant to Section 9 of the ICAC Act 1989 The preamble is just wonderfull. Will their be any Statesman brave enough to mentcion it to John Clark QC it certainly needs to be brought into play?
Must not only be done
It must be seen to be done

They shall not grow old, as we who are left grow old: 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun and in the morning 

We shall remember them. 

The Anzac Spirit Lives on in Umina


The N.S.W. Parliament has denied its obligations

Our Mission :
To expose corruption where ever we uncover it within the realms of Government and within the State of New South Wales in an attempt to prevent the inappropriate use of our resources.

Our State Parliament has denied its obligations to provide good the government in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Something that Mr.L.P. James and thousands of countrymen fought hard and offered their lives for.

Liberal and Labor offer no support for this 86 year old decorated Veteran NX57230. Still in business!

Support Mr. James and they would need to expose the practice of using politics to hide an entrenched lack of due diligence malfeasance and corrupt activity, which Gosford councilors should have stopped last year when it was drawn to their attention.

Support Mr. James and Liberal and Labor will be forced to abandon a political veil that covers the accommodation of corruption in Local Governments right throughout the State of New South Wales.

"The grubby little councilors" Premier Carr speaks of. Are card carrying politicians who have the full support of the Party, until their activity id too outrageous to ignore.


And then to avoid disrepute, their party will finally abandon them to ICAC for deodorizing sanitizing and political party distancing.



Edward James is responsible for this political comment. updated Sat 21 / 8 / 2004




Organization News

     Open Letter To


The General Manager and Councilors Gosford Council


This is a formal complaint.

The evidence of corrupt activity that I hold seems to be of little or no relevance to councilors some of whom are card carrying members of Liberal and Labor parties. Is that because the corruption issues I raise dont have huge amounts of money changing hands compared to Liverpool and Rockdale that you think it is not relevant?

Or that the involvement of Liberal and Labor political forces provides some sort of umbrella to the documented corrupt dealings. Honest ratepayers are sick of politics covering up corruption.

The community knows that decisions of council are political and the law only needs to be followed to allow the decision to be what ever the elected representatives wish. I know that, that is why I told the Mayor there will be political consequences what ever the decision.

The correspondence I hold from Council Management that says there was no intention to mislead, acknowledges the misrepresentations that council accommodated.  The obvious breach of Regulation 2000 section 283 of the EPAA 79 that council employees and management told me they couldnt do anything about, the false instruments that have misled the consent Authority and the community.

These issues are important, as proper compliance insures the good government mentioned in Sections 51 and 52 our Constitution is attained. 

Management has indicated to John Brogden that council complied with one section of the EPAA. I believe compliance means the full compliance in the proper application of the EPAA 79. Not bits and pieces to suit.            

The letter from Mayor Bell mentions council may have overlooked requirements; I would have thought that overlooking the law was to be avoided. I have noticed a better application of the law since I raised my voice. But the people want the past corruption and lack of due diligence on the part of councilors and management to be public knowledge.

The in camera inquiry conducted by those I accuse is farcical. You should be ashamed to have put it on paper in the Council Agenda. I also have a concern based on the talk I had with Alan Ford on Wednesday 21 that council has relied on an insurance policy council holds, to protect ratepayers in their involvement with businesses conducting activity on the footway.

 If he was referring to a public risk policy, I believe that allowing business to operate on the foot way would void that policy.

As it is some weeks now since I raised concerns with council and the Department of Local Government.

 I am making a formal complaint that I believe council has continued to allow the ratepayers to be at risk, because the Footway leasing-outdoor eating policy-City of Gosford, the responsibility of Corporate and Community Services is still not being properly enforced.

Page 8 entry 6.4.  Lease Conditions. The applicant must comply with the conditions set out in the lease and this policy. The lease will be for a period of five (5) years. No options can be granted.

I expect a response from council that will explain why the policy has been ignored throughout the entire City of Gosford, over the past years and continues to be ignored as of this date Friday 30/8/2002.

I note that the director of corporate and community services told me We can fix it during our discussion after council meeting on Tue night 27/8/22. I would consider the proper application and enforcement of the policy is whats needed. And a written answer to my formal inquiry of last month.


Edward James      


P.O. Box 024

UMINA      2257

Mob: 0418486260




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